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Mobile Experience Platform

User experience is the key to mobile success. Everyone demands it: Customers, employees, and partners alike. You deliver it with LaunchBase™, fast and safe. Use LaunchBase™ to deliver, analyze and optimize stunning mobile experiences. For everyone, personally. Fast, relevant and captivating – anytime and anywhere. With all the right monitoring and control features.

Use it for your entire app portfolio: Public, partner and internal apps. Native and HTML5-hybrid. SaaS/Cloud or on-premise.


Delight: Deliver quick and personalized access to relevant content and functionality.

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Engage: Activate and involve users with notifications and interactive app features. 

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Monitor: Analyze the use of your apps and optimize with confidence – A/B testing.

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Control: Manage the access, use and updating to protect assets and ensure security.

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Mobile Moments

Activate users and engage in new ways

Mobile changes the way we interact with our customers, partners, employees, and the public. It increasingly dominates the interaction with our audiences and allows to move exactly at the right time in their user journey. In Mobile Moments, much is won or lost.

Identify the best points of the journey, define your winning actions, and execute in the exact right moment. LaunchBase™ gives you the platform to create and run context-driven apps, for you to succeed when it matters most.

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Great experience for all!

Everyone – your customers, your partners, your employees – demand the same great mobile experience that they are used to from their private apps. “Consumerization” is in full effect.

Make them all happy! LaunchBase™ gives you the infrastructure and the tools to provide, manage and optimize the experience of all your mobile initiatives. For external and internal apps, public or private: Give everyone mobile happiness!

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Great Experience Everywhere

LaunchBase™ provides the high-performance mobile infrastructure to ensure a delightful mobile experience: Quick and personalized access to relevant content and functionality – anytime and anywhere. Mobilize your business systems, provide a great experience even with a slow or missing Internet connection. Present fresh content efficiently.

Icon-Delight-DeliverDelivery: Deliver a personalized & optimized experience.

Icon-Delight-SmartSyncSmart Sync: Synchronize fast with minimized data traffic.

Icon-Delight-PreparationPreparation: Mobile-optimize content for rapid delivery

Icon-Delight-ContentManagementMobile Content Management: Connect to your CMS and manage additional contents directly in LaunchBase™.

Icon-Delight-IntegrationIntegration: Unify multiple sources in a single, captivating mobile experience.


Activation & Involvement

Activate and involve users with notifications and interactive app features – for increased involvement, use and conversion. LaunchBase™ offers ready-to-implement engagement features for your mobile apps.

Activate & involve

Icon-Engage-NotificationsNotifications: Send in-app & push notifications. To all users, groups or individuals. Manual or context-based.

Icon-Engage-RatingRatings: Set-up, collection, processing & publication of rating functionality.

Icon-Engage-ShareSharing: Ready-to-use sharing capabilities for social media and beyond.

Icon-Engage-SignUpSign-Ups & Feedbacks: Pre-built forms plus collection and processing.

Icon-Engage-SurveySurveys: Dynamic survey builder plus processing and analysis.

Icon-Engage-ChatChat: 2-way communication for support and a truly personal experience.


Analysis & Optimization

Monitor and analyze the use of your apps in real-time. Optimize fast and with confidence through A/B testing. For a solid agile development. LaunchBase™ can track every event from every user, so that you get all the answers in all detail.

Icon-Monitor-DashboardDashboard: See all your mobile initiatives at one glance – with high-level overview and consolidated statistics.

Spritesheet_Terria_Icon-Monitor-ContextContext: Analyze context for targeted actions. Surprise with mobile delight.

Icon-Monitor-AnalytycsDetailed Analytics: Get the statistics on devices, app use, contents & features – down to the individual team or user.

Icon-Monitor-CustomizationCustomization: Set custom variables and customize reporting for full & efficient insight.

Icon-Monitor-AB-TestingA/B Testing: Test alternative app elements and designs in real-time, pick the winner. Optimize with confidence.

Icon-Monitor-OffileOffline Capturing: Don’t miss critical data. Capture offline usage for mobile insight.


Management & Protection

Control the use. Manage access and users. Deploy internal and external apps with confidence. Enforce settings and policies. Ensure that everyone is up to date. Extend your MDM.

Icon-Control-AccessDeployment & Access: Manage access rights with roles or on an individual level. Deploy corporate apps with confidence to partners and customers. Employ various authentication mechanisms.

Icon-Control-UserUser Management: Create and manage users with an easy interface – or integrate with an existing directory.

Icon-Control-ContextContext Management: Create and manage context profiles to provide a personalised user experience.

Icon-Control-SettingsPolicies & Settings: Manage and enforce app policies. Easily set and change design and behavioral settings.

Icon-Control-UpdatesUpdating Management: Ensure the use of newest versions of content and apps. Set up and enforce updating policies and processes like grace periods, warnings and notifications. Even per role, user and/or content item.

Icon-Control-WipingWiping: Disable your apps and remove contents, even off external and private devices.

Icon-Control-EncryptionEncryption: Ensure end-to-end encryption – on server, app & transmission.

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