by Tatjana Kistler, Handelszeitung, March 17 2016, (original article in German). Picture: Basile Bornand

Terria Mobile, the Basel-based start-up, wants to help large companies coordinate their app portfolios. The company’s growing list of customers now even includes the Mexican Parliament.


The Business Idea

Mobile applications offer companies new marketing and management options, they are fast and are generally easy to use – but overall they can be a challenge to manage and vulnerable to redundancy. The Basel-based start-up Terria Mobile takes on this challenge with its technology, the LaunchBase app management platform.

With options for content management, access and usage controls, and also usage and device analysis, LaunchBase allows a comprehensive app management.
Terria Mobile focuses primarily on larger companies that are running a large portfolio of applications. “Whether for external apps for marketing or for the sales team, an internal application for HR, or for production or process optimization, we offer assistance in setting up and managing the entire range of applications,” explains CEO Robin Wirz on the startup’s approach, which has impressed many clients, including the Mexican Parliament.

The expert’s voice: “Terria Mobile have, as pioneers, specialized on the challenges of the mobile transformation and have created clever solutions for it.”
Beat Hürlimann, Digital Marketing Strategist

There are already about 50 global companies among their clientele. This growth has caught the attention of many, as confirmed by the company’s recognition in the Swisscom StartUp Challenge, “Bilan’s” selection as one of the 50 most promising national start-ups, and above all, as recipients of the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Awards in 2015.

The Founders

With former employees of Day Software AG, CEO Robin Wirz and COO Didier Wetzel, Terria Mobile is bringing two pioneers in the Swiss software market to the founding team. “In the 1990s, companies launched their first websites and recognized the need to more efficiently manage their online presence,” says Wirz of the development that is now being repeated in the mobile area. “As mobile solutions sprung up, we felt a bit of déjà vu,” and the motivation to try their own hand at entrepreneurship.

“The topic of “mobile” is everywhere – but we are just at the beginning of the development.”
Robin Wirz, CEO Terria Mobile

Since it was established on 25 February 2011, the core team at Terria Mobile has grown to 15 people and is enhanced with a number of partners and freelancers. “It is important to be able to quickly find the right specialists to be able to meet a customer’s challenges,” adds Robin Wirz.
Traditionally started as a self-financed company, Terria Mobile has been able to go without outside capital for the most part and has been operating profitably since the second year. In the course of the expansion and the establishment of partner channels, the financing options are currently being reviewed, including the possibility of working together with an investor.

The Market

Terria Mobile works in a dynamic, often opaque market with global competition from pure app development platforms to providers of analytics tools – approaches that are often too limited.
In this coming and going of providers, Terria Mobile also wants to attract attention through personal contacts. “We try to find the right people at companies in order convince them of our solutions,” explains Wirz.

The fact is that the mobile market holds a great deal of potential for this Basel start-up. “The topic of mobile apps is everywhere, but we are just at the start of a big development,” forecasts Wirz about the perspectives of this market. The goal of the entrepreneurs is to strengthen their presence in the USA, the UK and Germany within a year’s time and to open subsidiaries abroad in the near future.

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