by Reto Vogt, ComputerWorld, 29.08.2011

Terria Mobile simplifies the update process of smartphone apps. This saves companies the detour through app stores from Apple, Android & Co.


Since the Android boom, there is hardly a single company who can afford to develop just an iPhone app. “Increasingly, every platform has to be served,” says Terria Mobile CEO, Robin Wirz. The time and financial cost this requires, however, is massive: If there is already an iPhone app, around sixty per cent of the programming work has to be repeated, in order to create, for example, an Android app, Wirz explains. Furthermore, it takes a lot of effort to manage each app store when there are updates. However, the CEO doesn’t see mobile websites on a HTML5 basis as the solution to this problem. Above all, the constant internet connection, the limited use of device functions and the lack of the distribution possibility through app stores speak for native applications.

The “LaunchBase” software from Terria Mobile is designed to be much more helpful. The platform is partially based on Open Source Software PhoneGap and allows companies to develop apps for the mobile operating systems iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and BlackBerry. This means they can still be placed in the app stores initially, but LaunchBase should make the update procedure easier and deliver more detailed statistics than the stores of Apple & Co. So companies not only know how many users have downloaded the app, but also on what types of device they have been installed and how often the app is actually used. In addition, full control is guaranteed: apps can be inactivated, either on all devices or by individual users. The web-based user interface from LaunchBase aids control (see screenshot).

Simplified Update Process
The most useful function of LaunchBase however is the simplified update process for apps, because it cuts out the detour through the individual app stores. It is sufficient to register one update and deliver this from a central point to all devices – whether Android, iPhone or BlackBerry. In addition, you can define whether users have to install the update or whether it should remain voluntary. Terria Mobile was able to win the Swiss Heritage Society as the first customer and create an Android, iPhone and iPad app for them.

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