Basel, January 18, 2012


Version 2.0 of the app management software LaunchBase, launched today by the Basel-based app specialists Terria Mobile, allows more reach, more control and more dynamics for mobile applications. It allows companies to efficiently develop and manage applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry and now also WP7.

With a rapidly increasing number of mobile applications, their efficient management is becoming increasingly important. As previously experienced with websites, the updating and general management without appropriate software quickly becomes expensive. This is particularly true in the mobile area: with Apple (iOS) and Android, there are already two widely used platforms to support, and others, such as Microsoft’s WP7, are pushing into the market. The demands on mobile applications are rapidly increasing, and consequently their complexity. In addition, increased company-internal use places new demands on the distribution and security of mobile applications.

Unique software for management of apps on different platforms
With LaunchBase, the Swiss app specialist Terria Mobile has developed a software solution that allows apps to be managed across different systems. Version 2.0 is the answer to the latest market developments. LaunchBase is now available in three modules, which cover reach, control and dynamics respectively.

The three modules of LaunchBase 2.0
The basic module, LaunchBase Foundation, offers the infrastructure to efficiently integrate data sources, including content management and business systems. With the multi-platform architecture, companies can expand the reach of data, systems and apps. New in LaunchBase 2.0 is the support for Microsoft’s WP7 (from 7.5 Mango) and extended possibilities for data integration and handling.

The LaunchBase Control Center is used for monitoring and controlling apps. It determines, for example, how and from which end-devices apps are used. The distribution of different app versions for a range of parameters, such as device type, access rights or geographical location, is also controlled in detail. In LaunchBase Version 2.0, new user-defined labels additionally serve the selective distribution of different app versions. In particular for non-public apps, this offers an effective and secure control mechanism. These precise control possibilities enable new app concepts and are of central importance for applications with a closed user-group.
Also new in LaunchBase Version 2.0 is the In-app analysis. In addition to analysis of device types and general app usage, it allows, similar to a website analysis, investigation of user behavior within the app and answers, for example, questions about the most popular content and functions.

Greater dynamics allows the LaunchBase Orbiter module to update apps directly on the end devices, making updates via app stores largely obsolete. The improved interface of LaunchBase 2.0 allows an extended handle on the apps and new, more dynamic app concepts.

Robin Wirz, CEO of Terria Mobile, is delighted with the launch of LaunchBase 2.0: “LaunchBase 2.0 brings us one huge step forward in app management. We hear from our customers on a daily basis how important solutions for current burning issues, such as the creation, distribution and management of apps are. LaunchBase 2.0 can comprehensively and elegantly master these challenges.”

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